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Date: Wed Jan 16 23:39:13 2002

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>> said:
>> > To make a (semi-)long story short, I've come to the
>> > conclusion that I need a SCSI1 to SCSI3 adapter with
>> > high byte termination to connect a wide IBM SCSI drive
>> > to the narrow SCSI controller in my SS2. The only
>Some IBM drives have a jumper which will hard code the drive into narrow
>mode. This might be an easy solution in which case all you would need is
>the 50->68 pin adapter. Check the website as there are a
>number of jumper documents there.

This one does have a jumper that disables target initiated wide
negotiation. I did try that and it didn't seem to help. The
docs I found also indicated that some of that model were shipped
with on-board termination. I tried jumpering the drive to
enable it, but that also didn't seem to help. I'd love to
hear that I'm just missing the magic jumpers, but so far no
combination I've tried works. The wierd thing is that the
drive doesn't even respond to the probe-scsi command from
the PROM monitor. But I plugged it into a wide interface
on a machine at work and all was well.

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