Old Cross References, etc.

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Thu Jan 17 02:37:17 2002

On Jan 16, 21:25, Marvin Johnston wrote:
> How important is it to keep old catalogs, cross-reference data,
> component buyers guides, data books, data sheets, etc.??? I've collected
> a LOT of the above from about the mid 70's and while not ready to
> dispose of it yet, I am really curious what others on this list think
> about keeping such stuff. As for some examples:
> RCA SK Cross Reference/Replacement Catalog
> 1974 IC Master

Those are definitely worth keeping, if you do repairs or build your own

> 1976 C&K Switch Catalog


> Printouts of instructions for CP/M utilities, programs, etc.

Depends on the programs. The common ones aren't hard to find docs for on
the net. If you have the software, keep the printouts.

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