eBay MicroVAX 2000

From: Tothwolf <tothwolf_at_concentric.net>
Date: Thu Jan 17 14:35:27 2002

On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, Eric Dittman wrote:

> On eBay someone has a MV2000 for a BIN price of $25.00. That's
> very reasonable. What is not reasonable is they describe it as
> "RARE!" and say "This is as close as you'll get to owning a real
> VAX at your house!".
> Some eBay sellers must never run a search on current and completed
> items for things they are selling.

I've got one sitting in my shop right now. It needs a few boards to make
it useful for me, but I'll find them eventually.

Actually, I'll ask about them here again, since I know exactly what I'm
looking for now. Anyone have these boards/parts laying around somewhere
that are no longer needed?

  2x M7609 MS630-CA (8MB)
  1x M7516 DELQA w/ bulkhead
  1x front panel door for BA123

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