OT: SCA-2 <=> SE adapter solutions??

From: Doc <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Thu Jan 17 14:56:10 2002

On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, Richard Erlacher wrote:

> I've recently stumbled onto a source of new conveniently-sized SCSI drives
> with the SCA-2 connector. I'm considering installing them in a couple of
> applications in my home setup, including an SDI RAID that presently uses
> NARROW drives, and would need an adapter for each drive and that adapter
> should fit into its canister. Another application is with a WIDE (68-pin,
> single-ended) controller I've been using.

  I've never used SCA drives on a narrow bus, so I can't speak to that t
  I have used SCA LVD drives on wide LVD chains, and finding an adapter
that honors the LVD is a pain in the butt. 80-pin-to-68-pin LVD
adapters run as high as $45 each. And the $45 ones don't work. The drive
reports as SE.
  We finally found some adapters by A-Excite that work, at a price,
IIRC, of $12.95 each. Maybe $19.95.... Haven't found a local dealer,
so we had to order 6. They work reliably, and I can't see much, if any,
difference in performance between an IBM 80Mb-LVD 68-pin drive and an
IBM 80Mb-LVD SCA drive with adapter.
  All in all, I'm not buying any more 80-pin drives, unless I'm putting
them on a hot-swap bus. They're a big pain in the butt if you move your
drives around much, which I do. If you're going to install them, test
them, and glue the case shut, the savings may be worth the hassle.

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