2 IBM PS/2s, DC/MD area

From: r. 'bear' stricklin <red_at_bears.org>
Date: Thu Jan 17 18:30:33 2002

On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, Julius Sridhar wrote:

> There's a lot more than that. There's the L40SX, N51SX, CL57SX, P70, P75,
> 700, 820, 830, 850, and 860.

I was actually speaking of the AIX ThinkPads, and not specifically of
anything MCA. I'm pretty sure the 850 isn't MCA anywhere.

> > I've got a "Woodfield" (type 6020, pre-GA of the 850) which is so
> > painfully slow under AIX 4.1.4 as to be unusable. It also suffers from a
> > general lack of integration testing.
> Want to get rid of it?

No, actually, I paid a lot of money for it thinking I'd get a way cool AIX
laptop. What I got was a whole lot more (or less, depending on your point
of view), but it was my first exposure to AIX and I learned a lot trying
to make the damned thing work. Drawing an analogy to "The Velveteen
Rabbit", you might say, "it's become real." (;

> It's ridiculously easy to do. Just replace the button.

Really? I haven't really looked that closely at it---not even to see how
it comes apart. I guess I should try to stare at it for a few minutes

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