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From: David Woyciesjes <DAW_at_yalepress3.unipress.yale.edu>
Date: Fri Jan 18 09:42:13 2002

! From: Dave McGuire [mailto:mcguire_at_neurotica.com]
! On January 17, Eric Dittman wrote:
! > I've seen MV2000 around, and they pop up on eBay a lot. As to
! > owning a real VAX at your house, there are so many cheap VAX
! > systems that pop up on eBay all the time that that statement
! > is truly false.
! I agree. I think everyone that I associate with has at least one
! VAX at home, except for my mom. I think I might get her one just for
! the hell of it. :-)
! -Dave

        Yeah, if I see one for cheap enough, I'll let you know ;-) Then we
can set her up with (some OS) running Xwindows... Make that when, not if.
        I got my first, and so far only, VAX for $25.00 from here at work.
It doesn't seem hard to find a cheap one, for now at least...

        BTW, does anyone know of an empty VAX cabinet, something like the
11/780 VAXbar size, that's in need of dispo? In the CT (or VT, vacation
house up there) area.
        Some other similar classic computer cabinet would suffice, but a VAX
would be nice, for name recognition. I am honestly thinking on making my own
VAXbar for my computer-room/lounge in my house... Maybe some other
conversion. Add in a keg-erator?

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