More HP1000's, and bootstrapping old systems in general.

From: Bill McDermith <>
Date: Fri Jan 18 11:39:08 2002

The manuals are available from HP, and I believe that the format for these
files are in the back of the backup manual... I'm not sure if the manuals
are on the interex site, but if you go into the RTE section of hp support,
you can download them there...

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Subject: Re: More HP1000's, and bootstrapping old systems in general.

> Hmmm, does anyone on interex understand this format?
> Bill McDermith wrote:
> > >From the hp users group, interex, you can get the RTE-6 OS, but only
> > in fst format, which is some sort of tape dump/backup format that I
> > cannot (yet) decode, so I'm not sure how to build a loadable system...
> > The manuals are also available... If anyone knows how to decode

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