Convergent Technologies "Mini-MitiFrame" availale

From: Chris Craft <>
Date: Fri Jan 18 18:49:41 2002

Cool! There's actually somebody offering something close to me! :) I live in
Craig, so a road-trip is definitely a possibility. I'd love to add this to my

Chris, the RetroComputing Nut
ccraft at netgenius dot org

On Monday 14 January 2002 10:54 am, you wrote:
> Hi. I've got a Convergent Technologies 68020 (typically a MitiFrame) in
> a MiniFrame (typically a 68010) case, that needs a new home.
> This is a pretty complete machine: it's got 2 MB of RAM (I think), 2
> MFM hard disks (I don't remember capacity, but I believe that one is
> 147 MB and the other is smaller), and a tape drive (DC-600, I think).
> It has an ethernet card, and runs CTIX (I forget the version; this is
> Convergent Technologies' implmentation of System V, R2 (maybe R3) UNIX).
> I have lots of documentation, as well as distribution media for this
> machine.
> I am not interested in shipping this. I am located in Denver, CO, and
> would be delighted if someone would tell me "I want this," and then
> come pick it up. It would fit easily in a car. It booted just fine
> about a week ago, but I did no extensive testing.
> PB Schechter
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