OT? Apple Stylewriter problems (update)

From: Geoff Reed <geoffr_at_zipcon.net>
Date: Sat Jan 19 00:54:39 2002

Anyone know of a source for a screwdriver that will turn the security
screws in a N-64. I have one and a child was so thoughtful to try to use
it as a piggy bank... i don't wanna fire it up 'till I get the pennies out
of it...

At 10:34 PM 1/18/02 -0600, you wrote:
>On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Russ Blakeman wrote:
> > On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Tothwolf wrote:
> >
> > > Are there 3 indentations around the edges of the fasteners? If so,
> > > these could be a type of Japanese fastener often found in mid '80s to
> > > early '90s video game systems. Bits that fit those kinds of fasteners
> > > are available, at about $1.50-$2 each, and they come in 2 different
> > > sizes.
> >
> > Or you could check a tool supplier like MCM electronics and just pop for a
> > one-time purchase on a multi-type "security bit" set - I got a nice set
> in a
> > pliable small holder last year with nearly every common security bit for
> > under $30. I thought maybe I'd never use all of t hem but I've used all but
> > maybe 3 of them.
>Well, I wouldn't exactly call MCM a tool supplier... The multi-type
>security bit set they sell does not come with bits that fit the Japanese
>fasteners. MCM does sell them separately, tho. In some newer equipment
>that uses these fasteners, those bits are of no use, since the screws are
>to far down in the hole. The Nintendo Game Cube is an example of this kind
>of equipment. Full length Japanese screwdrivers are available that fit
>those things, but after import, they typically cost $20-30 (ouch) each.
>I was recently asked to work on equipment that had tri-wing screws holding
>it together. It was apparent someone had tried to use pliers to remove the
>screws, but was unsuccessful. I don't yet have a set of tri-wing bits, so
>MCM might get some business from me after all.
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