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> HEllo, I have bought a Toshiba T3100/20 but it won't start.


This may help, it applies to a Toshiba T3200SX so may be of some use.
If there is a small switch located near the floppy drive, set it to 'B' or
This switch configures the parallel port for printer or external floppy drive.
If it's set to 'A' the bios goes looking on the parallel port for the A drive.
The machine should now boot from a DOS boot disk.

Bios settings. If the T3100 is anything like the T3200 then it is likely that
there is a default bios setting for the hard drive. Try this setting. If
there isn't
a default setting you will have to open the machine up and see what HDD is
fitted. You'll have to do this anyway to replace the battery.

Getting the case apart. On the top of the case, at the rear, there are two
small covers which slide off to reveal hidden screws. Undo all of the screws
on the underside, take of the rear cover and metal panel and the case should
come apart. The battery is probably stuck onto the back of the floppy drive
chassis with Velcro. (The T3200's only bad feature in my opinion).

If you need to take the display apart, the screws are located under the rubber
'feet' located in the corners and underneath the label marked FDD, HDD etc.

A pair of AAA sized Alkaline cells will do as a temporary replacement CMOS
backup battery. There is enough room under the keyboard for them.

Good Luck
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