DEC Rainbow available in Tucson

From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Sat Jan 19 20:41:27 2002

>Gordon C. Zaft wrote:

> It's been claimed. Wow, that was fast.

A friend of mine is looking for a Qbus PDP-11 system - in Florida.
I suggested a BA23 box as a start. Also, an RQDX1, 2 or 3
with an RX50 and a hard drive - even an RD51. Does anyone
have anything available? Other things would also be "nice".

He really needs to upgrade from an RX02 dual floppy system.
He is at the University of Miami, or so I understand, so he can
more easily transfer small files from other systems. While an
RX50 is only 800 blocks at one time, that is far better than a
system with just an RX02 floppy. And, of course, if he can
manage with just a 988 block floppy, than a 20,000 block
hard drive (RD51 - 10 Mbyte) is like having the world.

Note: I doubt that there is any money available for this!
If I was close by (Toronto), I would donate the stuff, but
it is too far away, especially a BA23 box.
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