Collections vs. accumulations, was Re: How many collectors?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sun Jan 20 00:26:49 2002

--- wrote:
> FI is not too bad if you have good documentations and they're very
> reliable according to sources. What bedevils them is vaccuum leaks
> and electronic connections.

Unfortunately, the 1975 Bus was not well maintained. Among the
wiring repairs, I had to resolder the leads into the cold-start
injector socket, because when I pulled the boot back to inspect
the wiring, the wires came out with virtually no force - the boot
was cut and taped... it looked as if someone else pulled them out,
then stuffed the bare wire ends into the backs of the crimp pins
and held it together with electrical tape. I wish that was the only
thing I'd found like that, but it wasn't (wire-nuts and 14 ga wire,
300% too long, wadded and stuffed down behind the air handler, yadda,
yadda, yadda). At least it was only $300 and it was in good enough
shape to drive 40 miles home. It's not reliable enough for regular
transport, but it should be repairable.

In any case, since I own two mid-1970s EFI microbuses, I'd love to have
a spare EFI brain of the vintage. They are essentially analog computers
with about 300 discrete components, but documentation is scant. They
could be repaired in a pinch, but I don't think anyone has reverse-
engineered one, so debugging would suck.


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