RT 6150 Docs (and mouse??)

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Sun Jan 20 01:51:09 2002

  Does anyone have pointers for detailed documentation? A mouse, maybe?
And which operating system - AIX v2.2, BSD4.3, or AOS - do I want to
run? I'm leaning toward AIX, mostly because I work with "modern" AIX,
but I'm plenty willing to take suggestions. For that matter, what *is*
AOS, anyway?
  I just found out that I got in first claim for a functional RT 6150. I
can't pick it up till tomoroww afternoon, though....
  The guy who's giving it away says he "has no boot disk, but it starts
up just fine."!? He also thinks it has 3 drives and is maxed out on
memory. It comes with a display and keyboard, but no docs and no mouse.
I've been googling, and there are a lot of mentions of it, but no real
  This is kind of a special score. I never used computers at all till
late '95, and started building my own in '96. That spring, I went to
pick up a video card from a guy who had an RT 6151, and it was the first
time I really grasped that the world wasn't all Mac & PC. I've wanted
one ever since.
  I guess all things come to those who lurk.

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