ot... at it again scsi tape drive in windows 95

From: John Foust <jfoust_at_threedee.com>
Date: Sun Jan 20 11:28:59 2002

At 07:20 AM 1/20/2002 -0800, Ron Hudson wrote:
>Well, after much more googling, I found out what Richard goes
>on to tell me.. The only thing that actually talkes to a scsi
>tape in windows land is the backup application.

Back in 1998 I posted about a circa 1992 "ASPITAPE.SYS" driver
I got from Compuserve to drive SCSI DAT and Exabyte under MS-DOS.
I seem to remember using it under Windows 3.11.

I even had a 'tar' and 'mt' that worked with it. I can probably
find them again if you like.

http://www.fship.com/ftp/pdtools has the "pctar.exe" that worked
with it, and http://www.filelibrary.com/Contents/DOS/49/2.html
has the ASPITAPE.SYS driver.

It was made by Greg Shenaut. He's still active at <greg_at_bogslab.ucdavis.edu>
although I doubt the software has been updated since 1992.

Today's Google search on ASPITAPE showed that you can
use it to emulate TMSCP tapes under the Osprey emulator, too.

- John
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