Fwd: FS: NeXT stuff

From: Doc <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Sun Jan 20 16:37:58 2002

Thought the NeXT-heads might be interested. I could probably help with
pickup & shipping, if needed.


From: Jon <jon_at_slurpee.org>
Newsgroups: austin.forsale,dfw.forsale
Subject: FS: NeXT stuff
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 14:52:06 -0600

I have 5 next cubes, 2 slabs (mono), 2 keyboards, and 1 monitor (dont know
if it works). I have some other stuff too, so if you want we can kind of
fish through the stuff and see what works. 1 of the cubes doesnt have
anything in it, 3 are cubes, and one is a computer (all the cubes are
upgraded computers... just for those of you who might be confused, the
computer was the 68030 that came in the cube shaped case, and the cube was
the 68040 that came out later but still in the same style case). I also
have 4 printers (I can part with two of them), but need to make sure they
work. I also have a set of openstep documents (I'll be getting the
software soon). Most of the cubes have hd's, some dont, and some have
magneto drives and some dont... so first come first serve. I'm asking 60
for the cubes, 50 for the computer, and 35 for the empty case. send an
e-mail to jon_at_slurpee.org if you're interested, and let me know if you
need any other next stuff as I find it often.

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