Kinda OT but that what's true HW hacker do in a pinch.

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Date: Sun Jan 20 12:28:19 2002

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> > > Ouch! What ever happened to user-replacable fuses to handle such problems?
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> > Yes *there is* SMD 500mA fuse and zener diode but that is AFTER that
> > darned ceramic capacitor. That why wall wart died and capacitor
> Brilliant!. This reminds me of a number of other safety features (and
> also self-diagnostic features) that fail to work when a fairly common
> problem occurs....

At your tip on cracking transformer open, I got it opened,
transformer inside is undamaged in act of opening it up. Phew,

Turned out that wart is simple seperate primary and secondary side to
side. The core is not *welded*, only held in place by dipped
whole thing in vat of vanish.

The plastic bobbin is not burned up or melted down. The primary
wires simply vaporized leaving copper balls on both wires, and one
sooty spot. These parted wires is where it exits the
primary to the power prongs.

When that primary finally blew, it looked like both wires flew away
from coil.


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