VAXstation newbie

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Mon Jan 21 04:45:24 2002

 Alan Pearson wrote:

>Finding a VAX that's small enough for "Al's Toy Barn" hasn't been easy,
>don't seem to be that common here in the UK (UK classiccmpers correct me if
>I'm wrong, and please point me in the right direction ;-)).

I occasionally come across them via newsgroups;
they also crop up on ebay. They aren't *that*
hard to find.

>The box I'm getting is just that - no monitor/keyboard/mouse etc - I've
>that you can use the printer port for the console so I'm planning using

Correct. Flip up S3 at the back. if you have the
original case style then the switch is not
exposed externally and you have to remove
the case to get to it.

>emulator. I guess I need a null modem cable to hook the 3100 up to whatever
>I'm using for the terminal, right?

Yes. I forget if it's MMJ or DB25 but the
details should be in the OpenVMS FAQ anyway.

>There's no backup media for the OS - any ideas where I'd get VMS on

You jest :-)

>(It has a floppy drive, no CD). Or do I need to hook up a CD?

Hook up a CD and get a hobbyist licence.
Then you can borrow media from anyone.

>Also, does anyone know what version of VMS shipped with the 3100s?

The first version of VMS to support the
VS3100s was V5.1B.

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