Need manual URL/hardcopy for HP Netserver LX Pro 6/200 serve

From: Doc <>
Date: Mon Jan 21 19:53:58 2002

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002 wrote:

> Arf, arf! :-) Anyway I understand that, but didn't you make this
> fair comparsion on dual Pro and dual PII's? Remember, LX and BX
> already have udma for better HD multitasking. The old pro chipset
> didn't and relies on HD controller cards either SCSI ($$$) or
> IDE none has udma (early ones) except for promise cards.

  Hmmm. I wouldn't know about the udma issue. My new desktop is the
first IDE system I've had in several years. All the SMP boxen I've had
or administered were SCSI, and the only IDE PPro I've ever had aything
to do with was a Dell desktop. It was strictly an end-user box, and I
wasn't in a position to benchmark it.
  I still believe Intel would have been better off developing the PPro
than going with the PII.

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