RFC; Request For Coaching. Was RE: RT 6150 Docs (and mouse??)

From: Doc <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Mon Jan 21 18:23:12 2002

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Christopher Smith wrote:

> Could mean he has no distribution media, but there's an installed O/S...

  No, he meant that it wouldn't boot at all. This box has been "rode
hard & put up wet". 2 of the 3 E70 disks aren't recognized - one
doesn't spin at all and one spins but I can't hear the heads move, and
the Diags don't see it. The one good disk reports on all positions -
C,D, and E - so the cables & PS connections are good. The docs
concerning switches and termination aren't very clear on multiple disks,
but I've tried the dead ones singly, and they're still dead. The
ESDI adapter and the good disk ass the Diags tests.

  Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. I had to remove the SIIG 8-bit
serial/parallel card before the poor guy could boot at all.

  With just the good disk attached, the AOS miniroot gets adapter
time-outs from the EESDI adapter, and reboots endlessly. The stand-alone
utility won't accept any device name I can come up with - /dev/hdc0,
/dev/hd0, hdc0, hd0, 0, slave 0 - to format the disk.

  The biggest problem, though, is that the Escape and F3 keys are
totally dead. Does anybody have dumb-ass-level instructions for
repairing an RT keyboard? It's apparently some kind of
bubble/double-membrane switch.
  The back cover is missing and the floor pedestal is mostly chipped

  The good news:
  It's the Enhanced Advanced 032 CPU, and it has both the Ungermann-Bass
ethernet adapter and the 6157 tape-drive adapter. No 6157 drive or cable.

> Also note that early version of AIX were much more like "something strange"
 than they were like normal Unix. From what I've heard they may be quite a
 bit different from new versions.

  I dunno. Modern AIX is 'much more like "something strange"' than it
is like modern Unix....

        Doc, who is in WAY over his head
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