windowed MC68HSR705J1ACS ?

From: Tom Uban <>
Date: Tue Jan 22 09:59:23 2002

At 08:26 AM 1/22/02 -0700, you wrote:
>These parts have been discontinued by Motorola for about 5 years, so I'm not
>surprised you're having difficulty finding them. That "SR" in the part
>disturbs me somewhat as well, as it's not on any of the windowed parts I
>and I don't think they made two 20-pin windowed parts. I'm also not sure
>the MC68HC701J1A has to do with any of this. The '701 is a much older part
>that never came in a 20-pin version, and, I don't think ever came in an 'HC
>version either.

Opps, my mistake. I said 705 in both the subject and all but one place in
my message. I did not mean to type 701...

>Perhaps the nomenclature is screwing up your search. I'm not sure what the
>correct part number for the ceramic windowed package is, but I'm not at all
>sure that MC68HC705J1ACS is it. I could go look, I suppose, but it's an
>easter-egg hunt, so it might take some time. If you find the right
>parts-search engine, it will turn up a supply of these parts, but not at
>"cheap" prices. I found 'em a couple of weeks back, after getting a spam
>a "new" parts-search site. I have them look for Z84C0020 and MC68HC705J1A
>just to see what they turn up, and I was surprised to find that they had
>pointers to supply of both, not that I want to buy either.

I am only using the ACS suffix for the windowed part as that is what the
motorola web page says for ordering information:
It may be that the AS or AVS is correct as well. All that I care is that
it is a 68HC705J1A in a ceramic DIP windowed 20-pin package.

>If you're really determined to use the 20-pin part, there are a couple of
>current 'HC805 and 'HC908 parts that might work for you. Mot has been trying
>quite actively to kill off the 'HC05 series, but it seemingly refuses to die.

My project is to re-program an existing board which uses the 'HC705J1A, but
if I have to, I can switch to a similar and available part. I don't plan on
making a product with the part, so availability is not a big deal. I just
want to change the program in an existing board. I have a 'HC705K1 programmer
which I am hoping will program the 'HC705J1A part. The only difference seems
to be the number of I/O pins.

>I remember the MOT guys discouraging me from using the 'HC705K1 (16 pins)
>in '94. They didn[t have a 16-pin replacement from the 'HC805 series at the
>time so I used it anyway, but I also bought into the 20-pin part, since that
>was still available. I've come to regret that, however. It didn't matter,
>since management killed the project, but that was the last time I bought any
>of the MOT MCU's. My experience has been that they don't tell the truth
>supply, and they won't support you at volumes under 100K parts per week.
>use distributors who won't supply you at levels like 200 per week, either, so
>most of my clients are screwed with MOT parts. Consequently, I haven't used,
>or even considered, a MOT part of any sort since '94.


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>> I'm after the 20-pin DIP ceramic windowed part vs. the OTP part. The part
>> number that I indicated (MC68HC705J1ACS) should be the one which matches
>> what I am looking for. No one seems to have them, including the places
>> that you reference, at *any* price.
>> --tom
>> At 09:10 PM 1/21/02 -0700, you wrote:
>> >I'm not at all convinced I know what you're after. The 20-pin 68HC705
>> >with which I'm familiar are the MC68HC705J1A which comes in a number of
>> >packages, one of which is the ceraminc windowed part. I don't think these
>> are
>> >unavailable in distribution, though I've never gotten one for less than
>> >I think the last place I saw them for sale was Future-Active electronics.
>> >, though things change, and a quick look didn't show
>> that
>> >part. ISTR that DigiKey had the windowed parts too at one time.
>> >
>> >Dick
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>> >Subject: windowed MC68HSR705J1ACS ?
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>> >
>> >> I am looking for a source for a MC68HSR705J1ACS Motorola 20 pin DIP
>> >> with window (erasable) MC68HC701J1A microprocessor. I have only been
>> >> able to find the OTP versions, but would like to find an erasable
>> >> one for development. Does anyone know of a source, or have one (or 2)
>> >> that you would be willing to sell me?
>> >>
>> >> --tnx
>> >> --tom
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