Bell & Howell Apple IIe

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Tue Jan 22 13:41:15 2002

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> Does it have the later IIe style case with D-Sub cutouts, or
> does it have
> slots in the back panel like the II/II+? I never have had a
> good look at
> one of the IIe machines marketed by them.

It has D-sub cutouts.

> I would expect it to be a typical IIe in a black case :)

So far, but it has a strange "box" attached to the back...

> These machines were sold primarily to businesses and schools. Bell &
> Howell marketed audio/video and other electronic equipment to
> such places,
> so they were a well known brand.

The above mentioned "box" seems to have some sort of audio amplification stuff in it, actually.


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