Going to the dump...

From: Bill Sudbrink <wh.sudbrink_at_verizon.net>
Date: Tue Jan 22 16:38:39 2002

Located in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Pick-up only, unless you can really convince me to
ship (read $$$). Going to the dump tomorrow
afternoon (1/23) unless spoken for:

1) TeleVideo Tele-XT. Flakey power supply. Physically
   OK... all parts present. No software or docs.

2) Heathkit Model IO-4550, 10MHz, Dual-Trace oscilloscope.
   Physically good, electronically unknown condition. No
   probes, some docs.

3) Hickok Teaching Systems Model OSK-4 D.C. Wide-Band
   oscilloscope. This guy is tube (valve) based! Physically
   OK (a little rust and dirt, missing "DC Bal." knob),
   electronically unknown condition. Some probes, no docs.

4) A mangy crate, with handle and casters, designed to hold
   a Teletype Model 33 KSR. Maybe made by Teletype but no
   markings to that effect. Didn't protect its last occupant
   very well.

5) A Compaq DeskPro 286e in original box. Good physical
   shape, unknown operational condition.

You may end up with other stuff if you drop by, being
unemployed is forcing me to clean up my basement. Please
contact me before stopping by.
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