OT: *BSD (was Re: Here I Am)

From: Hans Hübner <hans_at_Huebner.ORG>
Date: Wed Jan 23 01:02:35 2002

On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Eric Dittman wrote:

> I seem to remember the difference between NetBSD and FreeBSD was NetBSD's
> goal was to run on anything, while FreeBSD's goal was to run on x86 systems.
> Has that changed?

It changed slightly. FreeBSD runs on i386 and Alpha today, and the port to
UltraSPARC is already booting to single user mode. FreeBSD heads for
supporting mainstream hardware, whereas NetBSD runs on everything

If you don't care for the CPU architecture, a FreeBSD/i386 system is a very
comfortable environment providing for easy installation and upgrades as well
as a pretty complete feature set including volume management, reliable and
growable file system and Linux emulation.

I've tried Linux a few times, different distributions. None of them could
convince me that Linux is somehow 'superiour' for my applications, let alone
ease of installation and maintenance. But then, I'm more of an old-school
Unix buff, so much of my preference could be related to the fact that BSDs in
general do things like we did them 15 years ago :)


P.S.: Yes, I declare myself guilty. Those of you with limited time will want
to kill this thread right now :)

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