Looking for some VAX stuff...

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Jan 23 08:30:02 2002

--- Julius Sridhar <vance_at_ikickass.org> wrote:
> Ok. I am looking for two VAX parts. The first is a second set of CPU
> boards for my VAX 8700 (to make it an 8800). The second is a DWBUA
> boardset with UNIBUS cardcage. This thing is a UNIBUS bridge card for a
> BI system, and a UNIBUS cardcage. Thanks.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of more than one DWBUA, I'd like to know.
Mine fried years ago... it was on my 8300. It worked before we moved
it, and after we moved it, I plugged everything in, and a chip let out
the magic smoke! Even burned a trace. I have a BA11-K sitting inert
next to my works-just-fine 8300. The cables still go from the BA32
backplane, but I'm afraid to use them because I have no idea how unhappy
voltages got into the DWBUA card itself. I don't see any obvious
mechanical damage, and I'm certain they aren't plugged in wrong, but I
do *not* know how this could have happened.

So... I wouldn't mind finding a replacement DWBUA card and cable set
myself. If I could have gotten the ones from the local Lucent plant
when they shut down their VAXcluster, I'd be happy, but it is nearly
impossible to get scrap out of them.


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