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> Ok guys, I have to admit first off that I read the tags wrong on that Bell &
> Howell. It is -- as someone suggested -- an Apple II Plus.
> Also, it doesn't have the D-shaped cut-outs after all, but rather it has
> vertical slits with somewhat d-shaped metal inserts in them. (Ok so I
> didn't look too well.. :)
> I've cleaned it up, and it looks in good condition, with two exceptions:
> There is a pin broken off of the power cord :/ -- I'm going to replace it.
> The monitor connectors are two ethernet-looking BNC plugs (WTF!?) Can
> anyone tell me what's going on with these?
> Regards,

It has been a long time, but if I recall correctly, B&H dealt mostly with
schools and businesses, so you probably have some kind of A/V kit on there -
2 composite bnc outputs to run 2 monitors.


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