Apple IIc+

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Wed Jan 23 10:09:41 2002

> Speaking of VAXen...I've just aquired a DELQA with the CAB
>kit. What things should I check for when installing the board in a

>MVII (BA23)?

        Check that you have no other DELQA/DEQNA in there.
        Otherwise you need to flick a switch.

        There's a DEQNA manual at:
        and I've seen a DELQA manual somehwere too...

> Do I need to install any additional software for use
>under VMS 4.6?

        What like OpenVMS V7.2 :-)

        If you want to use IP you'll need
        a suitable version of UCX (or a 3rd party
        equivalent). Either you have one already
        or it will be tough to get one these days.

        My recollection is that in those days
        (pre-LMF) you needed a licence key tape
        to enable DECnet for any off-node use.

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