Xerox 4050 & IBM PS/2 Model 80 Available

From: Bill Richman <>
Date: Wed Jan 23 11:42:08 2002

Well, the 4050 went off in the dump truck this morning, but I snatched
the PS/2 from the jaws of death. I can probably keep it safe for a
while if someone wants it.

On Tue, 22 Jan 2002 16:18:10 -0600, you wrote:

>The Xerox 4050 is a printer controller, but appears to be some sort of
>mini-computer with a Xerox logo on it; it has a floppy drive and
>possibly internal hard drive. If anyone knows anything else about
>these, info posted to this list would be appreciated. The thing is
>waiting for pickup by a scrapper, whose truck is currently being
>repaired. If you get here first, you can have it. It's about the
>size and weight of a chest freezer.
>Also available is an IBM PS/2 Model 80-386 micro-channel tower
>machine. Includes a micro-channel token-ring network card.
>Both of these items were pulled from use in the last couple of months
>and should be in good working order. They are available
>_for_local_pickup_only_ in Lincoln, Nebraska. Drop me a note quick if
>you want either of them before they go to the big bit-bucket in the
>Bill Richman
>Home of Fun with Molten Metal, technological
>oddities, and the original COSMAC Elf
>computer simulator!

Bill Richman

Home of Fun with Molten Metal, technological
oddities, and the original COSMAC Elf
computer simulator!
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