New Finds in Houston

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Wed Jan 23 16:44:57 2002

Well took some time off the job hunt and move to check out some of my
old hangouts and found something I have been looking for, it's a working
Vectrex in good shape with one controller and no games but the built in
one for $25 at a local thrift. I have been watching these go high on
eBay and figured I would not be able to get one anytime soon. I also
picked up some game cartridges for the 2600, Virtual Boy, Game Gear,
Jaguar, and some of the newer machines. The wife is making me hold off
on buying until I start working again so I have not gone to any of the
auctions here yet. There are 2 auctions here in Houston that you can
find good deals at , one is only 2 days a week and the other is
everyday. That's it for now keep on computing.
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