SPAM: was Osborne Executive and TI MicroLaser Plus free to good home, Hackensack, NJ

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Jan 23 16:04:26 2002

 This spam thing keeps coming up regarding the list. Since changing ISPs
in July I have received NO spam, NADA, RIEN , other than from Ebay and a
couple of others that I forgot to check the no email button on. The source is
likely newsgroups or some other forum, or companies supposedly secure
mailing lists.


> I have Paul's email address and telephone number. If you can meet the
> requirements of
> Paul's reply (i.e. 1. STOP BY HOUSE, 2. PICK UP (HACKENSACK, NJ AREA))
> please contact me
> off-list and I will forward his contact details to you.
> Sorry, but because of the SPAM issues relating to email addresses on this
> list
> the last thing I want to do is post someone else's email address here
> without
> their permission.
> 'til later,
> Bill
> (my valid email address does not contain any binary digits, to those of you who
> cannot access it in the header of this posting)

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