Bell & Howell Apple II update

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Thu Jan 24 00:47:28 2002

 Well I guess that eliminates the regular Joy or paddles. Ever run across the
6 blade one like on this machine ? I'm curious what it was for. The previous
owner had obviously spent a lot of effort on it. It was loaded with boards and
he'd added some homemade plexi plates for copy and disks on the cover.


> >
> > What was the original game plug on the A-IIs ? On my A-II+ I have a socket
> A 16 pin DIL socket (like an IC socket). The Apple paddles were joined up
> to a DIP header which invariably gained a few bent pins after a couple of
> insertions/removals :-).
> I think the //e also has a DE9 connector on the back carrying a subset of
> the signals, enough for a pair of paddles or a joystick. I believe
> there's still the 16 pin DIL socket inside.
> -tony

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