Bell & Howell Apple II update

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Jan 24 09:14:26 2002

Actually, back in the Apple][ days, the BNC was not commonly used for video
and particularly not for NTSC video. The most common connector for video back
then was the PL259 (?), which was really common on "security" monitors and
others of that ilk. I've still got a few of them from back then, and that's
what they had on them. It wasn't uncommon to see them with two of the things
for chaining them, though that probably wasn't common on monitors for the home
computer market.


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> > Heh. That was my first guess too -- but I've never seen this
> > particular thing used on a composite video signal before. (Well, maybe
> > the L+sync used on b&w monitors...)
> BNC is a _very_ common connector for composite video. Just about all the
> video equipment I have here either uses it as standard, or has adapters
> (maybe home-made) to use it.
> It's a rather good connector, fairly constant characteristic impedance
> .vs. frequency, splashproof (!) at least, easy to connect/disconnect (but
> it won't fall out) and so on.
> In the UK it's even used on reasonoable-grade consumer video equipment.
> Are you saying it's not common in the States?
> -tony
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