Netscape (was Re: PayPal = payola?)

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Jan 24 14:46:18 2002

Rumor has it that Richard Erlacher may have mentioned these words:

>I wish my browsing were as fast as the other things I do under Windows!
>Nearly anything is over before I get my finger off the <ENTER> key. Note
>I said key, and not mouse button. Unfortunately, the Windows browser doesn't
>work as well with keys as the rest of the GUI. One CAN learn to use the
>keyboard, though.

Hell, *everything* I do is fast -- Winders & Linux! [[ahem... I have a
dual-processor Athlon MP 1600+ -- dual SCSI, dual LAN, etc... so I realize
this isn't a fair fight... ;-) ]]

[[ also see comments below from a different poster(s) ]]

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>> > On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, Richard Erlacher wrote:
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>> >> Since AOL bought Netscrape, they've done more to kill it than M$ ever

Amen. Which is too bad, because IMNSHO, Netscape always was better...

>> >> I'll be glad when it's finally gone, along with AOL, though.
>> >
>> > AMEN! I dunno about the Windows version, but NS 6 for Linux is a
>> > buggy farce of a resource hog. Netscape was one of the front runners in
>> > developing a Linux port of their mainstream application, and the Linux
>> > port was always at least as stable as the Windows one. If that's still
>> > true, Netscape is headed for the dumper. The quality & stability of the
>> > Netscape suite has declined almost since the day AOL bought 'em. "More
>> > features! Screw debugging!"

Hmmm... dunno about the Mac version, but they've *really* improved the
Winders & Linux versions - 6.0 *just* *plain* *sucked* - and not just any
sucked - it sucked canal water rectally... ;-) It was slower than molasses
in January, as well...

6.1 didn't add a single feature - all they did is clean up bugs & speed it
up. 6.2 cleaned up some more, but they still had a few, hence 6.21. I've
only found one bug in 6.21, and that's trying to get rid of that idiot tab
feature in the mail program sometimes locked the application. After 3 or 4
tries, I was successful, and it's not crashed since. I usually keep it
running for a week at a time, and it usually crashes once or twice a month,
much less than Exploder 5.5 and seems to be faster as well, on Win2k. [At
work, I have a Celery 450] The linux port is just as stable, and a lot of
webpages (like my Yahoo Mail) look better on the new Netscape vs. IE 5.x.

I don't even have Netscape 4.x installed anymore... That's how stable 6.21 is!

As an install, Netscape 6.x is still smaller than IE6 as well, and IE is
still half-built-in to Winders...

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