PayPal = payola?

From: Owen Robertson <>
Date: Thu Jan 24 13:21:08 2002

on 1/24/02 12:59 PM, Doc at wrote:

> On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, Richard Erlacher wrote:
>> Since AOL bought Netscrape, they've done more to kill it than M$ ever did.
>> I'll be glad when it's finally gone, along with AOL, though.
> AMEN! I dunno about the Windows version, but NS 6 for Linux is a
> buggy farce of a resource hog. Netscape was one of the front runners in
> developing a Linux port of their mainstream application, and the Linux
> port was always at least as stable as the Windows one. If that's still
> true, Netscape is headed for the dumper. The quality & stability of the
> Netscape suite has declined almost since the day AOL bought 'em. "More
> features! Screw debugging!"
> I run Mozilla in Linux, and Opera (yes, I even paid for it) in
> Windows. The two MacOS machines run NS 3....
> Doc

Netscape 6 for Mac OS X is horrible. I hate the way it looks and acts, it's
unstable, slow... Just picture Windows as a browser and you'll get the idea.
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