Bell & Howell Apple II update

From: Chris <>
Date: Thu Jan 24 19:53:28 2002

>My little U-matic portable (The front says JVC, the service manual says
>Hitachi...) has SO239 socket ('UHF') for the composite video input and
>output. It's a 625 line PAL machine, of course -- I have no idea what the
>NTSC version uses....

My UMatic experience is really limited to just Panasonic and Sony units
(dating from mid-late 70's thru my newest Sony is maybe 10 years old now).

But interestingly... I was wrong... I HAVE seen the "UHF" connector for
composite. I had completely forgotten about the old closed circuit video
system I pulled out when I started working at my current job.

They had 3 black and white security cameras that used that connector. I
know they were composite video, because I remember using an RCA adaptor,
and connecting one to a VCR's video line in shortly after pulling them
out of service.

So yeah... I have actually seen that setup, I had just forgotten about
it, as it might have been the only place I have seen that (but also, 90%
of my AV experience is from mid 80's to mid-late 90's, so most of what I
was exposed to is the "current standards" connectors). That's why I
disclaimed that I wasn't saying it didn't exist... just that I hadn't
seen it (I have also learned in A/V, if there is a connector out there,
odds are, someone, at sometime, used it in their setup)


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