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From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Thu Jan 24 21:34:23 2002

> 3. There was an interesting looking Evans & Sutherland computer there
> labeled as an ES-3. I popped the front cover off of it and it looked
> relatively sophisticated, but I didn't actually pull any boards and
> get a good look at them since they don't like people doing that sort
> of thing there at the warehouse. I read somewhere that this box runs
> UNIX and had some pretty nice graphics capabilities for its time. Does
> anyone know much about these (e.g. architechture, history, OS
> specifics, etc)? Does anyone know how they stacked up to SGIs of the
> era and similar competing machines?

E&S are the godfathers of computer graphics, and their systems are very
high end - SGI equipment at its best is still pretty lame compared to
what an E&S can do. Prices, too.

Very much worth getting.

William Donzelli
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