Bell & Howell Apple II update

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Jan 25 14:28:32 2002

Yeah, John, the BNC is definitely the connector of choice for the application.
However, since there was in 1978, no specific market for microcomputer
monitors, people used what they could buy, and, at the time, that meant,
largely, closed-circuit TV (e.g. security system) monitors, which, for the
most part, at the time, used the PL/SO 259 and not the BNC. I don't know why
this was the case, but it was. If you take a look at the old magazines e.g.
BYTE, Kilobaud, etc, targeted at the microcomputer market, you'll see plenty
of monitors with SO-259's on the back, and very few with BNC's. They might
have been available on video production studio equipment, but that stuff was
VERY expensive, into six figures, anyway, back then, and most microcomputer
stores didn't want to tie up that kind of money in inventory that nobody could
afford anyway.

Perhaps you could take time to read the entire post, rather than concluding it
says what you want it to say, John.


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> No, not even this Subject. The previous post was from Richard
> again on his point on BNC not being used in video. While a
> second (enough!) reading of it shows Some aspects of giving
> in on the issue, the idea that someone would press on is ludicrous.
> BNC Is the connector of choice for analog video, just not home video.
> John A.
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