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From: Ian Koller <>
Date: Fri Jan 25 11:04:49 2002

> computer museums ... could make it happen profitably?

Are you advocating organizations registered, or presenting
themselves, as non profit organizations making a profit ?

Like this one? ...

John Foust wrote:
> At 09:09 AM 1/25/2002 +0200, Jarkko Teppo wrote:
> >The freight is a definite problem. I once bought a few HP9K/300 items
> >(total weight around ~400 grams) and with the freight and the currency
> >transfer the price tripled from the original $20. And I didn't choose
> >overnight UPS delivery either as it took something like a few months.
> >It almost seems cheaper to fly there :-)
> I've always thought that there was great potential in
> transoceanic transfer of old computer equipment. Right now,
> it all seems to flow out of the US to China.
> How much does it cost to send a cargo container from
> London to San Francisco? Aren't there computer stores
> or computer museums or computer clubs on both ends that
> could make it happen profitably?
> - John
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