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From: Bryan Pope <>
Date: Fri Jan 25 16:18:26 2002

And thusly Ian Koller spake:
> or what you think? Wake up and smell the coffee pal. I actually
> consider it a serious possibility your vcf is a front for your
> business, and you are just running a scam. So piss the fuck off
> asshole.

So what if it is a business?! If Sellam wasn't doing VCF, there would not have
been a show last July in Boston! A lot of people (myself included) would not
have been able to see a working PDP computer running Space War. And not to
mention all the other exhibits! Oh there is also all the speakers he had...

I volunteered to help in the show. Why? Because I love old computers and
would do most anything to help this type of event. Did Sellam make money off
me because he didn't have to pay me? I don't give a flying f*** if he did.
This is about the classic computers. Is he promoting retro-computing? Yes!
Is he ripping people off in the process? NO!

Anyways, that is my take on it.



> Sellam Ismail wrote:
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> > On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Ian Koller wrote:
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> > > Just something to consider.
> >
> > Ian, consider this: you are annoying and off-topic. Go away and come back
> > with something relevant to say.
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