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From: Ian Koller <vze2mnvr_at_verizon.net>
Date: Fri Jan 25 12:28:07 2002

Hello Pat,

  If you read these links, it gives other "perspectives" on
the issue of sniping. I guess you don't like sniping, because
you would like to get the best price you could for your items.
This we do respect.




  But the ones who complain that they didn't win an item because
someone sniped them, we have no respect for what so ever. No one
ever lost an item because someone out bid them. They lost the item
because they didn't bid the high bid utilizing the "proxy" bidding
system. Period. These are people that want to blame others for their
own failures which they themselves brought about. They seem to act
like the world owes them something, when in reality, their failure
is brought on because they are too cheap and selfish. They want what
other people have, but are unwilling to give much of themselves to
get it.

  A note to all. You'll win whatever item you bid on, if you put
in the high bid while the auction is running, regardless of when
that bid is placed.

  As for the ones that complain about prices of goods being
sold on eBay as being so high, these people have been deemed
unsuitable for employment in our organization for being too
ignorant of commerce and economics. It's indicative of serious
flaws in personality, attitude, and intelligence. Generally
things on eBay often sell for a third to an eighth ( and
sometimes even 1/25 ) of what they are actually worth, and
we have hard data to prove that fact. So any that end up out
of work, just know, we'll learn more about what you're really
like by reading the messages you've posted, than we'd ever learn
in an interview. And we do research prospective applicants
in this manner. Thanks Google.

Pat Barron wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Ian Koller wrote:
> > I looked at it, then checked your "me" page, then gave up.
> >
> > If you want auctions that automatically extend, you have
> > that option as a seller on Yahoo.
> I'm sorry that put you off; I've been thinking about toning down or
> eliminating that section, but I haven't done anything about it yet because
> this is a really sore point with me - it's particularly aimed at people
> who run "outbid-bots", that track auctions and place bids in (literally)
> the final 15 or 30 seconds of the auction, to ensure that the previous
> high bidder has no chance to rebid.
> In a "real" auction, the auction generally continues until activity
> ceases; if that's doable on Yahoo! Auctions (like the old Onsale.com
> system, in which a bid in the last 5 minutes of an auction automatically
> extended it), then that might be a better option for me. Though I haven't
> listed anything there for a long time, because I've had the impression
> that very few people use Yahoo! Auctions (as opposed to eBay)....
> Thanks,
> --Pat.
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