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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Fri Jan 25 15:14:18 2002

> I COMPLETELY agree! My personal opinion: E-bay is for people that are
>too lazy to search out there own bargains. Example: I've found TWO

        Having been an avid thrift-store visitor for years, I can say
that I'm finding much more in the way of interesting classic computer
items on eBay than I ever have locally. One gets tired of finding
mostly Commodore and Apple II stuff after a while and little else.
In fact, most of the items I've been given for nothing or very little
were due to people finding my web page and contacting me. On the
other hand, some items, such as the Amiga prototypes that Dave Haynie
recently put up for auction, couldn't be had any other way regardless
of how much you looked. The fact is, eBay has it's uses and each
individual must determine on their own how to use it best for what
they want. You're correct though that if a person doesn't agree with
it's use, then they shouldn't do so. There are other avenues.

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