Friday's score... [kinda long?]

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Jan 25 15:16:35 2002

 I was just assuming it was on disk. The only thing I can use my Koalspad
with is Geos. I knew it could be used with the 8-bit Ataris but never ran
across an interface.
 I have a 12"x12" similiar pad from Chalkboard Inc. called Powerpad. It also
could be used on an Atari or C64 and VIC20. It was geared towards kids and
had overlays and 25 carts (don't know how many were vaporware) for the
particular modules such as music or art programs.
 I have 2 of the modules for Commodore but again not for Atari. I've often
fantasized of using it with a proper interface as a giant Koalapad. It would be
great for Koala art.


> > Nice score ! Do you have 2 copies of the Koalapad disk or was that a typo ?
> >If so e-mail me and we can likely make a trade. I have a bunch of Atari 800
> >stuff, some NIB.
> At least for the Atari 8bits, wasn't the software for the
> Koalapad on cartridge? Or was it available in both formats? I've
> got 'Koala Painter' in cartridge format from Island Graphics.
> Jeff
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