RT 6150 Lives! (Long!)

From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Fri Jan 25 16:52:47 2002

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> From: Doc Shipley [mailto:doc_at_mdrconsult.com]

> I was able to find archived images of AIX v2.2.1 (which,
> interestingly
> enough, I may be able to use *legally*. IBM permits their AIX
> instructors to run AIX on personal machines for private/non-commercial
> machines. I'm NOT gonna call Mr. Wolden and ask....) The archive
> includes VRM, BOS and Extended Utilities, all IBM's updates & patches,
> the NFS add-ons, man pages (IBM *still* provides the man pages as a
> separate product!), TCP/IP, and some GNU stuff. And the all-important
> Diags disk set.

Any idea what the version overlap (if any) is between RT and RS/6000? In other words, are there any versions that would boot on either machine? This is just curiosity for now.

> every IBM I've
> ever worked on required the ritual blood sacrifice before booting.

Most machines require that occasionally.

> You need a "dumb" ISA IDE/floppy controller. It must be set to
> secondary IDE and primary floppy. Any serial/parallel/game ports will
> probably have to be disabled. The RT will boot from a secondary IDE

Heh. :) Maybe for a project you could get the game ports working? ;)

> Still to do:
> Find vi. I haven't installed the Extended set yet. Please
> Gods don't
> make me use ed.

Until I read that, I was going to suggest that you could just use ed.

> Yee-Haw. I now have AIX v2.2.1, toys, tools & updates, on 5.25
> floppy!



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