BBC Master keyboard

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Date: Fri Jan 25 16:37:32 2002

Many thanks for the helpful comments from Pete, Tony and Adrian.

Lucky for me I discovered that the terminal pins unscrew.
ALL of the keyswitch terminal pins have be cleaned with a
mild abrasive (Brasso) and then washed in IPA. I had to
remove all of the switches to clean the rust from the
frame, but what the hell, they're back to original condition.

BTW I don't have any WD40 and would never ever use it on any
electrical or mechanical parts - never ever !
Also, as the leaf springs in the key switches are gold plated
I've left them 'as is' and not used any propriety "switch cleaners".
They should work for another 15 years :-)

Also, fixed the intermittent dry joint in the PSU and added the
composite video colour mod. Found the last one on the
Acorn FTP site

This was one of my better buys from Ebay. My only complaint
is the tatty case - I will have to think about "re-boxing" it.
Perhaps in a 1U 19in case, it will make the connectors a little
more accessible and support the weight of the Cumana dual
disk drives !

Thanks for the help

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