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From: Tothwolf <tothwolf_at_concentric.net>
Date: Fri Jan 25 20:37:10 2002

On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Pat Finnegan wrote:

> Hmmm. I guess then an xBox being sold at a price above the MSRP is
> not 'too high' of a price. Or the example of dead UPS's being sold
> for $50 a pop. Or a CISC AS/400 being sold for $140k. Sorry, but a
> lot of the time things are available for much lower prices outside of
> eBay than they are on eBay. Ignorant people go around buying and
> selling things for much more than they're worth on eBay.

Actually, the guy selling the UPS tried to sell them for $50, but no one
wanted them. These were all 200-450VA/120V types, which can easily be
bought brand new for $40-60.

> I personally have no problem with bid sniping. I've done it myself a
> number of times. The problem lies in the fact that some people do not
> have enough FINANCIAL RESOURCES to be bidding 2x what something is
> worth on eBay.

Exactly, there is no way anyone can justify paying twice (or even more)
what something is actually worth, just because it has sold that high once
before on ebay. Ebay is not a market or pricing guide, but lots of people
seem to think that it is.

> As a college student that has just been laid off from my job at Purdue
> (!) I know what it's like.

I know exactly how this is...

> Sure, there are a lot of good deals to be had on eBay, but there are
> also plenty of bad deals.

>From what I've seen, when it comes to ebay, the bad deals far outweigh the
good deals. Much of it is due to greedy or uneducated sellers, some
artificially inflating the "value" of their goods, some just not
understanding ebay "value" is not true market worth.

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