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From: Bryan Pope <>
Date: Fri Jan 25 21:24:21 2002

And thusly John Allain spake:
> One more vote for Sellam.
> The show was decent for the turnout, several exhibitors had
> equipment I thought I'd never see again. The speakers were
> excellent, of A+ quality. My financial involvement was this:

I guess even the Byte guy - He brought eccentricity to a whole new level! :)

> bought two tickets, one t-shirt, drove 1200 miles, no kick-back
> required. The DEC thinnet repeater and IBM portable are
> considered great deals at $6/both.

I got "The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology" :) Put out by the same
people who did the Transactor magazine. (Oh, and it is Canadian too!)
Anyways, I used to have one when I had my original 64 setup. Great
reference book! :-D

(But I found out that the original author has reprinted them!)

> And Bryan, you deserved a free sandwich at the very least.

Jim Beam would be fine! ;)


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