LEAST valuable collectibles (was: Apple II boards

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Fri Jan 25 21:59:56 2002

I was referring to the daisywheel ribbon cartridges to which I'd referred


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> > On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Tony Duell wrote:
> > > > No, you can re-ink printer ribbons :-)
> > > Not if they're the 'single strike' carbon film type, as used in my old
> > > Sanders 12/7 printer.
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> > But, if you can't get new ribbons, you CAN replace the carbon film ribbon
> > in that cartridge.
> Cartridge? What cartridge. The Sanders 12/7 ribbon is wound onto a
> plastic hub (it's not even a spool, there are no flanges). You put this
> hub onto a spool on the right side of the printer and clamp a flange
> over it. There's a leaf spring to provide a little backtension here. You
> then run the ribbon round a guide roller, across the front of the
> printhead, around another guide roller, around the ribbon motion sensor
> (a roller with a slotted optoswitch) and onto an empty hub between a pair
> of flanges mounted on a small mains motor.
> After printing a row of dots, the AC motor is turned on (there's a solid
> state relay on the backplane) until the appropriate amount of ribbon has
> been wound on. If the ribbon sensor detects no movement, the printer
> assumes the ribbon has run out and gives the appropriate error. I think,
> BTW, the amount of ribbon used can be set under program control, but that
> might only be on the later Sanders 700 machines
> The latter use a Diablo 630 print mechanism, but with a dot matrix head
> in place of the daisywheel. The ribbon is a conventional Diablo 630 type
> of cartridge with a stepper motor to wind it on.
> -tony
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