6150 keyboard

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Sat Jan 26 00:08:42 2002

  Well, I got irritated with the keyboard (ever try to use vi without
the Escape key) and jerked it apart. Very gently.

1) I'm certain that it's re-badged OEM, not IBM-built. All the screws,
        internal and external, are Phillips.

2) It's not a double membrane, it's rubber cups over a PCB, with foil
        inserts in the caps. The traces on the PCB were covered with
        unidentified goop. *Only* under the Escape key. I dunno.

3) It works now.

4) Thanks, Tony. Even though this one bore no resemblance to your
        instructions, sometimes *thinking* you have a clue is as good as
        the real thing.

  On to TCP/IP, NFS, and maybe a game or two of hangman.
  Speaking of hangman, is it just me, or is the NetBSD port of hangman
purely evil? Come on, now. "Prolegomenous?" Seriously, I've played
hangman on a bunch of different Unices, and the recent NetBSD hangman is
by far the hardest I've ever seen.

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