RT 6150 Lives! (Long!)

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Date: Sat Jan 26 07:25:57 2002

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<< On January 25, Doc wrote:
> > I think there might be a tape controller board of some sort (with no
> > drive) in mine. I will crack it open and find out. Do you know what
> > the FRU number would be on the 6157?
> Wouldn't it be easier to run diags?
   It might, but I don't have any. The big pile of RT disks that I got
 from BSD Bob were mistakenly left in a storage locker in Maryland, and
 I won't be able to get to them for at least another month. :-( >>

I think I have a diagnostice floppy somewhere that I found in a stack of
unrelated floppies. Talk about serendipity! I guess regular old diskcopy
would work on them.

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