Netscape (was Re: PayPal = payola?)

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Sat Jan 26 10:36:10 2002

Rumor has it that Brian Chase may have mentioned these words:
>On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, Roger Merchberger wrote:
>> Hell, *everything* I do is fast -- Winders & Linux! [[ahem... I have a
>> dual-processor Athlon MP 1600+ -- dual SCSI, dual LAN, etc... so I realize
>> this isn't a fair fight... ;-) ]]
>You're not gonna impress anyone on this list with that candy-pants
>quiche-eating system. You can start to get our attention by get a
>computer that weighs more than you. Or barring that, we'll respect
>you more if your system doesn't have floating point instructions,
>or an integer divide, or even an integer multiply.


I honestly don't know if I ever had a computer that outweighs me - but all
of my CoCo1/2/3/peripherals combined outweigh me & all they have is a
hardware multiply (6809's are my favorites) - All the vaxen hardware I've
rescued combined outweigh me, but as I've not learned assembly on them yet
I don't know exactly what instructions they have available. And I do have
one 6800 system (heathkit 3400) so it doesn't even have a display beyond 6
7-segment LED's., let alone a hardware MUL.

I've repaired enough Tandy laptops (model 100/102/200/600) to probably
equal my weight, but as I only have a few (less than 10) I'm sure *they*
don't count - but does the mailing list WRT the kyocera OEM'd laptops
count? I've only been hosting that for the last 6 years or so. The 192
subscribers most certainly outweigh me in weight and brainpower...

I've been on this list since the beginning - you might say I'm a
"single-digit sub" along with Tony & Sellam {and 6 others) - back when they
didn't let "just anybody" on the list. Does *that* impress you?

My question is this: What the fsck does that have to do with anything? It
was an off-topic post of an off-topic thread spawned from an off-topic
thread - and if you haven't learned it yet, the signal:noise ratio here has
a high degree of static. If you _really_ want to get into a pissing match,
strap on the asbestos coveralls & lets's start flaming; I have a fresh
batch of napalm & a zippo...

Or even better: why the fsck do I even need to worry about impressing you?


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