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From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Sat Jan 26 03:26:37 2002

On Sat, 26 Jan 2002, Ian Koller wrote:

> > The VCF *is* a business, genius.
> You've previously carefully avoided disclosing that fact.

When? Where? To whom? If it isn't apparent to you that the VCF is a
business then you are obviously as dumb as you come across in your

> It's a business that will never see one slim dime from us.

Us? What are you, the Borg? Despite your slim dime, it will make the VCF
no less profitable.

> We would never recommend you to anyone.

Considering that you're Ian Koller (et al?) and what you do or do not do
or say has no consequence to my efforts whatsoever, I'm not too worried to
have lost your endorsement.

> It's because in your attempts to get ahead, you do it by trying to bring
> others down.

I'm sorry, who's ass did you pull this out of?

> I bet if someone got a quote from you on a part, even
> at the same time you were telling everyone on the list that
> it wasn't worth shit, you'd be quoting it at a rate that
> would make you a real living. You want to take your money in,
> but we can tell you won't pay anyone else shit.

Yeah, you're right. I've gotten rich off of selling old computer crap at
inflated prices. That's why I have a warehouse full of this stuff that
only seems to grow bigger by the month and I can barely afford my mortgage
right now.

> You're a one way fuck, and you know it.

Actually, I fuck in many creative and exciting ways. But don't take my
word for it, ask my girlfriend.

> That's why we will never do business with you.

We don't do business with The Borg anyway (nor schizophrenics for that

What an ass.

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